Mobile ad technology firm PadSquad on course to achieve 260% year-on-year revenue growth

PadSquad, the mobile ad technology firm, recently announced that it was on course to achieve a 260% year-on-year growth in revenue. The company is the maker of a suite of proprietary mobile ad units on its publisher platform. It says that its viewability benchmarks are 63% above industry standards and engagement is 52% higher.
PadSquad provides a mobile first technology
Daniel Meehan, CEO, PadSquad, says:
daniel meehan

“Marketers are obviously investing more in mobile as consumer time spent has dramatically shifted there, and typically direct response campaigns were first to migrate. We’re now seeing an inflection point in the market where brand advertising dollars increasingly having a mobile focus as well. As brand advertising budgets cascade into mobile, this will force the industry to innovate around topics such as creativity and unique mobile ad placements, along with data such as viewability and engagement specific to mobile devices. These are the areas in which PadSquad has been investing for three years.”

When clients use PadSquad’s mobile software integrated into publishers’ Content Management Systems, the company is able to detect mobile visits to its clients’ content and can optimise campaigns by styling, format, user experience as well as ad placements in real-time. The company says that its footprint of publishers using PadSquad has grown 1,000% over the past 12 months. Meehan adds:

“Unfortunately for digital publishers, the tremendous growth in mobile traffic has far outpaced the market’s ability to monetize mobile inventory at the moment. This can result in significantly lower revenue yields for publishers across their large mobile audiences. I think that’s what is fueling our software growth. Publishers want a solution that delivers an intelligent user experience for mobile, maximizes mobile revenue, and illustrates the results all in one place.”

The company has plans to release a publisher management platform called Simpli.

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