Mobile ad tech company Fyber buys Falk Realtime to improve programmatic ad exchange

Two mobile ad tech companies have come together this week, after Fyber purchased German startup Falk Realtime for 10.75m euros in cash and shares. Fyber wants to ensure it stays at the forefront of providing ad infrastructure for mobile apps, and will integrate Falk Realtime’s ad server and programmatic ad exchange into its own stack, providing publishers with more ways to monetize their apps.
Fyber gives its publishers a variety of ad management tools, and will add the option of setting up private marketplaces, plus a self service ad server with programmatic direct ad campaigns, direct, and cross platform promotional campaigns after Falk Realtime’s acquisition is complete. Fyber currently serves around 320 million active users each month.
Andreas Bodczek, CEO and co-founder of Fyber, said:

“As the mobile advertising industry continues to shift to programmatic, we are committed to investing in technology and talent that enhances our mobile advertising platform for publishers and app developers alike. At the end of the day, our goal is to make mobile ad monetization smart and simple, and we are taking huge strides towards this vision with the acquisition of Falk Realtime and have very ambitious plans.”

The Falk Realtime staff will be joining Fyber, and two of its co-founders will hold positions in Fyber’s management team. Provided the acquisition passes regulatory checks, it’s expected to be completed before the summer. Learn more about Fyber by visiting its company profile here.