Mobile ad spending outgrows total outdoor spend in Australia


With 41% of advertisers recognising mobile as an important part of their advertising strategy, it’s not surprising that mobile now attracts a larger share of ad spending, compared to outdoor, magazines and radio in the Australian market. Spending on mobile native and in-app advertising is set to grow by 26% this year. These are some of the findings of the latest Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia (IAB) “2015 Annual Mobile Landscape Study”.

Alice Manners, CEO, IAB Australia, says:


“Where we’re at with mobile is we’re beyond that gut feel of: ‘Yes mobile is big’, those of us who’ve had to live through ‘it’s the year of the mobile’, it’s beyond that. Revenue has started to follow consumer usage. Last year we had a lot of Australian publishers with over 50% of their traffic coming from mobile, but the ad revenues didn’t really follow that. Now we’re seeing that catch up start to happen.”

In line with growing revenues, satisfaction with mobile ads has also increased. 93% of Australian buyers reported that they were happy with the results achieved from their mobile campaigns. 43% expect to use mobile video in their campaigns next year.

Manners adds:

“The Australian mobile advertising market has matured in the last twelve months, with marketers embracing the medium for more strategic brand focused activities and overall they are using a broader range of solutions. With eight out of ten respondents in the survey agreeing that the importance of the mobile screen is rising, the next phase of development will come as marketers leverage location specific targeting and when success metrics are standardised.”

In addition, the research identified programmatic as an important part of mobile advertising. 66% of respondents are using programatic and 23% stated their intent on using it in the future. Another recent IAB study on “Marketer Perception of Mobile Advertising” supports findings that programmatic channels are gaining traction, buying through private (18%) and open (17%) exchanges.

Ad inventory buying habits highlight the rise of programmatic



IAB Australia recently launched its new IAB Mobile Centre of Excellence, created as a resource to cover the expanding mobile potential for industry advertisers. The Centre stocks data from Nielsen Mobile and Tablet Audience Measurement.

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