Mobile ad spend in the UK forecast to hit nearly £7bn by 2018

Massive mobile advertising spend in the UK will see it reach £3.26 bn in 2015 and £6.76 bn by 2018. This is a considerable increase over the £2.25b spent in 2014, and the £1.84b in 2013. The news comes from eMarketer, where research into media ad spending in the UK delivered this new forecast. The mobile component represents just over 20% of total digital media spend in 2015 and is forecast to hit nearly 36% of total digital spend by 2018.
Mobile ad spend account for 20% of total digital media spending in the UK
UK Media Ad Spend
Mobile ad spend eclipses the £2.69b expected for print advertising, which represents 16% of the UK’s total, but can’t quite match the 24% and £4.04b for television advertising. However, eMarketer’s data predicts this will change in 2016, when £4.4b will be spent on mobile, and £4.1b on TV ads.
Bill Fisher, an analyst for eMarketer, talked about why the UK has surged ahead in mobile and digital advertising, saying:

“Digital accounts for a 29.6% share globally and just over 31% in the US. The UK ad market is notable for its aggressive embrace of online advertising and its rapid adoption of mobile advertising. Because so much TV and radio programming appears ad-free in the UK, the comparative spending on digital channels has always been high. This year, though, we’re set to see digital reach an inflection point.”

Looking into the future, eMarketer’s research shows the UK will retain the top spot in digital media spending until 2018, when it will be surpassed by China. Previous research into the U.S. market has shown mobile advertising spend will pass desktop spending in 2016.

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