Mobile ad spend to take over TV this year

Global mobile ad spend is poised to take over TV spending in 2019 according to new research by WARC.

Mobile ad spend within key markets is estimated to increase to $153.2 billion in 2019.

A whopping 52% of the world population (3.9 billion) now have Internet access on their mobile devices. Advertisers are estimated to have spent around $137.9 billion on mobile ads last year. That’s an average $35.36 per mobile user.

WARC data also noted that mobile was now the second-largest ad medium, overtaking TV in 2019 if growth rates remained stable.

71% of marketers previously surveyed by WARC said they expected their mobile ad budgets to rise this year.

Google and Facebook continue to dominate mobile ad spend. Indeed, Google ad revenues reached $100 billion in 2018 largely due to mobile search income. Mobile devices now also account for 70% of YouTube viewing.

Meanwhile, Facebook ad revenues shot up to $50 billion with almost all of its users now accessing the platform via mobile devices.

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