Mobile ad spend continues fast growth, but what are the top performing formats?

The latest Global Mobile Advertising report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB Europe, and IHS Technology finds that mobile ad revenue increased 64.8% to $31.9bn in 2014, up from $19.3bn in 2013. This rise is mostly driven by ever more consumers using their mobile devices as well as industry innovations, IAB argues. North America is the biggest spender at 45% or $14m, followed by Asia-Pacific ($12m).
According to the data, mobile display shot up 88% to $15.1bn. This represents 47% of the total global mobile ad revenue during 2014. Mobile search grew 55%, with a total share of 46%. Messaging jumped 13% and makes up for the remaining 7% of total ad spend.
Mobile display soared
Anna Bager, Senior VP, IAB and General Manager, explains:

“Mobile devices are at the center of consumers’ lives across the globe and these numbers reflect brands’ increasing recognition that this medium holds great power. Now is the time for the industry to coalesce on standards and guidelines to build even more momentum for mobile marketing around the world.”

IAB defines display ads as “any display advertising viewed or read on a mobile phone including rich media and video advertising”. Lauren Johnson, Writer, Adweek, finds that the results aren’t accurately breaking down how much money was distributed among formats such as native or social, assuming a good chunk of it went to Facebook and Twitter.

“Big-name publishers, on the other hand, continue to rely on static banners squished at the top and bottom of apps to monetize their traffic. The IAB’s findings paint a glowing picture of the state of mobile advertising, but they don’t show marketers which areas of display they should actually spend money on.”

However, as the industry continues to innovate we are likely to see better measurement, as marketers are gaining ever more insights into their mobile consumers’ behaviours and try to engage.

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