Mobile ad revenue from UK publishers up 80%

During Q1 2015, mobile digital ad revenues of UK publishers increased by 80% compared to 2014, according to the latest Association of Online Publishers (AOP) & Deloitte Digital Publishers Revenue Index Report (DPRI). The growth has been driven by a 114% rise in smartphone display revenue. Tablet display ad revenue was up by 47%.
Mobile ad revenue jumped to 80% growth in Q1 2015
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Overall ad revenue increased by 5.6%, with desktop video experiencing the most significant growth of 17%. Meanwhile desktop display ad revenue decreased by 6%, partially due to a shift towards mobile advertising as consumer behaviour continues to focus on smartphone adoption.
Total ad revenue was up 5.6% for UK publishers
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Tim Cain, Managing Director, AOP, says:

“The shape of revenue continues to reflect the increasing consumption of media on mobile devices. We are beginning to see a change in digital advertising platforms and formats, which is shown in the figures. This is a trend that is likely to continue as consumers’ behaviour changes and new devices are released.”

In addition to the DPRI, AOP also released its Sentiment Index Report, which surveys AOP board members about their predictions on market performance for the coming year, and found that overall confidence in the industry continues to grow. Howard Davies, Media Partner of Deloitte, adds:

“Publishers that have adapted to technological changes have been rewarded with strong first quarter revenue growth from mobile advertisements. From this research, it is clear that publishers must ensure they remain agile in the face of rapidly changing consumption habits in order to remain commercially successful.”

The research clearly represent the shift towards mobile advertising and a rise in video as an ad format. Marketers must realign strategies and budgets in order to keep up with the growth in the industry.

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