Mobile ad platform Airpush will match 10% of pre-paid deposits of at least $1,000 made until April 22

Mobile advertising platform Airpush has started a promotion which will appeal to advertisers not yet signed up for its services, or for those existing members who perhaps haven’t been using its full potential. How? By offering to add a 10% match to all pre-paid deposits made between now and April 22.
The offer, which the company refers to as its Matchback Promotion, gives advertisers the chance to get more for their money. The offer runs alongside the introduction of Airpush’s Abstract Banners, which use HTML5 to make far more creative and engaging banner ads, which overlay in-app content.
Created by using Airpush’s own templates, or by collaborating with the creative team, Abstract Banners are expected to return between three and five times the click through rate of standard banners, and twice the post-click conversions.
Airpush hasn’t added many restrictions to the Matchback Promotion, and it’s open to existing customers who sign-in to their accounts, or new users signing up for the first time, that go on to deposit between $1,000 and $100,000. The 10% matching funds will be added within 72 hours, and the offer runs until April 22.
Visit Airpush’s website here for more details on the Matchback Promotion, or learn more about the company by visiting its profile here.

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