Mobile ad community Tappx partners with Softonic, increasing app reach by 160,000

Andy Boxall | March 23, 2015

App Marketing

tappx softonic
Tappx, the open cross-promotion mobile ad community, has expanded its partnership with app discovery platform Softonic, providing its members with access to a huge new library of apps, and millions of monthly users.
Scott Arpajian, CEO of Softonic, said:

“This partnership with Tappx reflects our commitment to working with mobile app developers and giving them access to the tools and channels they need to succeed. Great apps should not fail to reach users because developers do not have the mega budgets of the big guys, and what Tappx has created is exactly what millions of developers around the world need.”

Daniel Reina, CEO of Tappx, added:

“Developers should be allowed to focus all their efforts and resources into creating great apps, and not spend them on marketing and distribution. Tappx has been extraordinarily well received since our launch, and we are thrilled to expand our community through Softonic.”

Since its launch last year, Tappx has gained more than 2,500 members. It works by awarding each developer credits when a fellow member’s ad is displayed in their app, and in turn, these credits can be used to purchase similar spots in other apps. Banners can be automatically generated, campaigns tracked, and a wide variety of development platforms are supported across iOS, Android, and Firefox ecosystems.
In turn. Softonic brings its global platform with more than 100 million monthly active users, who download 4 million apps per day, and 160,000 apps to Tappx, so developers can place their ads in popular games including Trivia Crack and Soccer Football Runner Rush. The partnership gives a significant boost to Tappx’s growing, cross-promotion app community.
You can learn more about Tappx by visiting its company profile here.

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