Mobidea’s New Affiliate Tracking Platform Supercharges Media Buying Optimization

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Posted: June 21, 2017

Picking the right strategy and finding the best offers when you dedicate yourself to affiliate marketing is probably one of the most time-consuming tasks of your day-to-day.
It all revolves around analyzing and testing until you can be comfortable with your choices and become fully ready to increase your investment.
That’s why Mobidea is proud to announce their new Mobidea Platform with Integrated Affiliate Tracker Capabilities.
Mobidea’s mission is to allow affiliates to be more autonomous and make sure you achieve your end goal: get to become financially independent.
That’s why they’re betting on data and automation, giving you more of each with their latest release. Welcome to the data revolution.
Here are a few things worth mentioning about Mobidea’s new platform with Integrated Tracker Capabilities:

  • No Frills. It’s free. There are no pricing tiers or hidden fees.
  • No Limits. It has lifetime data retention, which means you can access your past data anytime. It has no event limits either.
  • Fast to Redirect. Betting on multiple data centers means redirects are lightning fast.
  • Clustered Domains. Tracking domains built on Clustered domains. There’s no more bulk affiliate blacklisting.
  • Awesome Support. Superstar 7 days/week Support Squad behind it. Chat. Skype. Email.
  • Fully Integrated. Mobidea’s offers are already integrated on the platform, saving you those extra seconds.

Want to know more about Mobidea’s latest release?
Whether you’re already a Mobidea affiliate or simply feel like giving it a go, just visit,log in or sign up, and experience a brand new and super quick platform with loads of affiliate community data which is anonymously shared and ready for you to work with.

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