Mobidea Launches the New Mobidea Academy

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Posted: September 12, 2017

Earlier this year, Mobidea proved its commitment to technology and data automation upon the release of the new Mobidea with Affiliate Tracker Software Capabilities.
This allowed affiliates to explore unprecedented levels of analytical data and opened up a whole new world of possibilities for every single Mobidea affiliate.
Now, we showcase our love of education and prove that our bet on the Mobidea Academy is no joke!
That’s right: the new Mobidea Academy has been launched and is now ready for affiliates to take advantage of the most informative articles and content in the industry.
Now, users will have the chance to explore a completely new platform, showcasing a responsive and super colorful design, and a bunch of awesome surprises that will delight everyone.
All content is now grouped in different categories and labels, ensuring you can explore it to the ultimate max!
Wondering what’s new?
The platform now has a video section which will be regularly updated. There, affiliates will be able to check info regarding the Mobidea platform, so they can be effectively guided by Mobidea Experts.
The Learn the Platform videos are walkthroughs for affiliates to check.
The Mobidea Academy also presents the new Learning Paths. This will allow affiliates to get educated by the platform, starting from articles designed for beginners until they get to reach more complex topics. Our Learning Paths are a tremendously helpful tool, since they make sure affiliates get a proper education!
The new platform will also have Affiliate Guides available to subscribers. These guides are related to affiliate marketing, media buying, native advertising, etc.
A completely new Affiliate Marketing Glossary also promises to help affiliates deal with the industry’s complicated lingo and tough jargon.
This launch is a great investment on education that Mobidea is happy to make.
Now it’s time to visit the platform!
Experience the brand-new Mobidea Academy!

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