Mobidea Launches a Brand New Website

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Posted: July 4, 2017

Mobidea has a whole new website! It’s been developed for months and truly showcases the spirit of technological innovation that’s in tune with the affiliate network’s image.
The new website has a new design, a much better user experience, and a lot of special sections, focused on both advertisers and affiliates. The goal is to provide every single player accurate and detailed information on how Mobidea can help them succeed in the affiliate marketing industry.
Mobidea’s new website reflects the company’s rebranding, which allows us to understand that Mobidea aims to market itself as a leading Mobile Affiliate Network, enabling the affiliate community to fully develop its potential in order to achieve a financially independent lifestyle.
The new website focuses on the important message of independence, since the affiliate network’s goal is to provide a whole experience of personal fulfillment and financial security to affiliates.
Mobidea wants to make clear that it’s about real people who want to use affiliate marketing as a viable career path which allows them to become financially independent.
Also, the new Mobidea’s platform has brand-new integrated Affiliate Tracker capabilities which basically allow affiliates to get huge amounts of accurate data which will definitely speed up the optimization process, giving full autonomy to all affiliates, for free!!!
If you want  to know more about Mobidea’s Tracker features, check here!

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