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Posted: May 18, 2017

Mobidea is fully committed to affiliates all over the world, which is why the company created the Mobidea Academy.
The Mobidea Academy is the best-known and one of the most complete platforms in the affiliate marketing industry. It features a bunch of different articles written by industry experts, referring to an array of concepts and skills all affiliates should master.
Note: Mobidea publishes brand-new content regularly.
These remarkably detailed articles offer great advice and amazing tips, since they’ve been created by industry experts with a wealth of experience, Mobidea professionals who have spent years perfecting the affiliate craft, and some of the most popular and most respected business gurus.
Zac Johnson, Shawn Collins, and Charles Ngo are some of the affiliate marketing mavens who have contributed to the Mobidea Academy, making sure the platform has a positive reputation for giving truly invaluable advice and effective guidance, especially to newbies who are only now starting to understand the basics of this business.
In fact, the Mobidea Academy is perfect for beginners, as it truly works like an official affiliate marketing school where users can get more actionable info than anywhere else.
Stay tuned to the platform so you can have access to the industry’s top players in one single website!
Mobidea Academy’s latest novelty?
The super-detailed reviews!
Check these examples of recent ad network reviews:

These reviews were created by Mobidea Experts. These guys test campaign optimization, the type of ad spots available, each platform’s support, interface…you name it, they’ve tested it already!
Now only: an exclusive chance to get your platform or tool reviewed by Mobidea Experts!
Wanna see a review of your platform or tool featured in the Mobidea Academy, ready to be eagerly checked by more than 100.000 affiliates?
All you’ve gotta do is send your review request to with the following subject:
“Review Request – Mobidea Academy”
Our editorial team will read and organize all requests.
Experience the Mobidea Academy and learn everything there is to know about the fiercely competitive world of affiliate marketing!
HOT news coming soon!!!
– The Mobidea Crew