MobFox rolls out new SDK for app publishers to drive monetisation

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MobFox, the mobile ad network owned by Matomy Media Group, has just launched its MobFox built-to-fit SDK for publishers, which aims to make it easier for app publishers to monetise their apps. The SDK now comes in multiple sizes, from 90K to 350K, and marketers choose from a variety of native in-app ad formats. In addition, updates to apps have been simplified and are now faster.
MobFox launches new app publisher SDK
Alongside automatic creation of native in-app ads, the SDK now also features a new video player with 3.0 support and multi-format waterfall to drive banner, native, video and audio ads.
Michael Ionita-Ganea, Director of Technology, MobFox, says:
michael ganea

“At MobFox, making the app publisher’s life easier has been our priority since day one. The mobile programmatic market is growing exponentially, and publishers are struggling to handle an overwhelming amount of ad networks, wasting both time and resources, resulting in SDK fatigue. Our new offering of a personalized SDK not only allows publishers to maximize their ad revenue, but it most importantly allows them to avoid inefficiencies in their ad strategy. “

MobFox works with over 300 advertisers and 40,000 registered publishers. It was acquired by Matomy Media Group in 2014 to help drive the Tel Aviv firm’s mobile advertising efforts.
Sagi Niri, COO, Matomy Media Group, adds:
sagi niri

“As an experienced programmatic and performance company, Matomy understands that one size SDK does not fit all. Our mobile initiative is focused on eliminating the stress faced by mobile publishers by offering easy-to-use smart monetization solutions to help grow their mobile advertising business whilst alleviating time spent on menial tasks. MobFox’s superior technology is able to accommodate the requests of publishers connecting them to the largest advertisers in the world competing for the best inventory.”

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