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Founded 2010 in Vienna, Austria by entrepreneur Julian Zehetmayr, MobFox is a mobile advertising platform and exchange. MobFox’s worldwide offices are found in Vienna, London and Paris.  In this review we’re going to provide a detailed breakdown of the network reviewing all of its key features and presenting what it has to offer for mobile developers and advertisers.
Our review of MobFox is divided into the following sections:

MobFox Overview

MobFox has established itself as the largest mobile advertising network in Europe through its range of features on offer to both advertisers and publishers.
MobFox Features
Below are some of the key features of the MobFox network.

  • Open-Source SDK
  • 30+ ad networks integrated
  • Real-Time-Bidding Exchange
  • High level of control with granular filters and block lists
  • iOS, Android and Mobile Web supported
  • Dynamic floor pricing
  • Publisher platform used in over 25,000 iOS and Android apps

MobFox Network Updates
A selection of MobFox news updates have been summarised and can be found below.
Native Ads SDK made available for iOS and Android developers
Last month MobFox made their native ads SDK available for all iOS and Android developers that are using the platform. The native ads are customisable, with seven different asset types available to choose from and MobFox has simplified the integration process allowing publishers to get them up and running as soon as possible.

What does MobFox offer Publishers?

For publishers specifically, MobFox offers an ad serving solution that works on all mobile platforms. They allow publishers to run directly sold and promotional campaigns, manage their ad networks, and connect to over 100 demand partners using the MobFox RTB Exchange. MobFox has recently launched a range of new services including an RTB platform, the ability for publishers to use native ads in their apps, and the option to mediate third party ad networks through the Publisher Platform. The services on offer are as follows:
Manage Direct Sold Campaigns
MobFox is an ad serving platform that allows publishers to monetize from ad networks and RTB and it also includes free support for serving and prioritising directly sold or promotional campaigns with advanced reporting, support for many different ad sizes and formats and capabilities for serving MRAID rich media ads. There is support for iOS, Android and Mobile Web campaigns, as well as for Third Party Tracking Pixels. Targeting options include country, state, device and platform, with city level targeting, delivery limits and scheduling features.
31+ Ad Networks Integrated
The MobFox network supports over 31 ad networks through a server-side connection, which means there isn’t the need to integrate any additional SDKs – the platform also manages requesting and displaying the ads. Publishers get to keep 100% of the revenue and will be paid directly by the networks they work with. Custom event classes also allow publishers to integrate and allocate traffic to any native ad network SDK. Custom ad network allocations can be made on a Country and Platform Level.
A Selection of Ad Networks Integrated with MobFox

Open Source SDKs
Using the MobFox iOS and Android SDKs and for mobile web, code snippets, publishers can start to control their mobile inventory by integrating the MobFox Publisher Platform. The network’s SDKs are hosted on GitHub which are built to use a low memory footprint and they are open source for accessibility.
MobFox RTB Exchange
MobFox’s RTB Exchange is directly integrated into their Publisher Platform and is connected to 100 demand side platforms that bid on ad inventory. Every time an ad is requested the RTB Exchange announces the impression to over 100 potential buyers and selects the highest bidder. From there it compares the RTB Bidder’s CPM with the CPM Rate of a publisher’s mediation ad networks or direct sold campaigns and calculates which impression earns them the most. Publishers may also ban advertisers from showing ads in their app if they don’t like what they see.
Banner, Video and Native Ads
MobFox is the only Publisher platform out there that allows publishers to monetise from banner ads, interstitials, mobile videos and native ads through the same single SDK integration.
Native Ad Example
Native Ad

  • Banner Ads: MobFox allows publishers to leverage Banner and Full Screen demand from over 30 ad networks, over 100 DSPs on their RTB exchange, and manage direct sold, promotional banner and full-screen campaigns.
  • Video Ads: The MobFox Publisher SDK provides full support for engaging, pre-cached full-screen mobile video ads and gives publishers access to high-paying video demand from over 100 mobile ad networks and demand partners from its RTB Exchange.
  • Native Ads: Native ads are one of the most popular ads in the mobile ad industry at the moment. With MobFox’s unified SDK and mobile web snippets, publishers can add fully-customisable native ads that integrate into their mobile app or website. Publishers can choose from over 10 different image and text variants that natively fit directly into the UI of the app. The native ads can be integrated in less than an hour in most cases and the average boost in eCPM is about 3-5 times compared to traditional ads.

Integration for Publishers
Integration can be executed through the iOS or Android SDK – both support standard mobile banners, rich media ad units and full screen interstitials. There is also the option to request banner ads, interstitials, video ads, and native ad units through the Ad-Request API.
(Pricing for the platform can be found here).
Why is MobFox Different?
There are a lot of ad networks out there, so for publishers, choosing the right one can be tricky. In addition, most of these ad networks offer similar things that make the choice even harder. MobFox says their Publisher Platform is different because it offers over 30 integrated networks with no SDK required, they allow publishers to integrate multiple ad formats through a single SDK, and they produce industry-leading eCPMs with a high revenue share they give back to their publishers.
MobFox Compared with Other Mobile Ad Servers
Publishers Section Table

What does MobFox offer Advertisers?

MobFox offers advertisers the ability to buy, analyse and optimise their mobile ad inventory from publishers. There are over 2,000 advertisers that have chosen the MobFox Advertiser Platform. MobFox provides a range of services for advertisers including a data management platform for audience analysis, the ability to run banner, video and native ads at the same time, and the option to create lists of publishers for their campaigns in the future. The services available to advertisers are the following:
Data Management Platform

MobFox’s Integrated Data Management Platform allows advertisers to see first-party data securely for their audience analysis, targeting and re-targeting. They may also upload existing audience data and acquire new data via the platform’s REST API.
Select Publishers
MobFox’s Campaign Planner allows advertisers to access billions of banner, native and video ad impressions available across their supply partners. Clients may also pre-build lists of publishers to white or blacklist for their campaigns while inventory reports are available by Exchange, Country, Device, and more.
MobFox says their Advertiser Platform is competitive when it comes to pricing – they charge a % margin on top of what they are buying a client’s ad impressions from on the market. The margin charged varies depending on the type of service an advertiser’s account runs on. The full pricing structure of the advertising platform can be found here.
Banner, Video & Native Ads

Multiple ad formats can be run together so advertisers can see what works best for them and their campaign objectives. From banner ads to scaling native mobile advertising through the NAST Standard, and video ads as well, there is a wide choice on offer to advertisers. MobFox also has access to billions of mobile video ad impressions on a daily basis.
MobFox Video Ad
An example of the style of video ad that MobFox uses can be found below.

Final Thoughts

MobFox offers publishers and advertisers a range of features to enhance their mobile monetisation and distribution strategies. With the RTB Exchange, Open Source SDKs and wide selection of mobile ads, along with a pool of integrated ad networks, MobFox is proving to be a good option for both publishers and advertisers. We hope this review has provided some useful information about the MobFox network and the services that it offers.
You can find out more info about MobFox over on their website, and on the MobFox profile in our directory.

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