MobFox launches first mobile web-dedicated native ad platform

Mobile ad network MobFox has rolled out a new native ad platform dedicated to the mobile web.
The Vienna-based company says the roll-out makes it the first network to launch a native ad exchange specifically for mobile web publishers.
MobFox also claims it’s currently the only player on the market with both a Supply Side Platform and Demand Side Platform for native and says that an in-app solution is in the works. Along with its own platform, MobFox offers site publishers demand from over 100 DSPs connected to its RTB exchange.
MobFox’s in-stream ads
We asked MobFox CEO Julian Zehetmayr how his new solution will compete with bigger players in the industry. Here’s what he had to say:

“There will always be demand for independent platforms like MobFox that help publishers distribute their traffic across demand sources,” says Zehetmayr. “Publishers integrating with our open platform are able to work with all of these ad platforms like Facebook FAN, AdMob, Apples iAD, etc. through our single SDK and we help them choose the one that pays the highest for a given ad impression. Publishers don’t like to be locked into a single ad source and we help them stay independent and increasing their revenue by mediation across all of these sources of demand.”

Zehetmayr says his company has been working with a handful of key publishers over the last few weeks to test the new platform and is seeing promising results, with eCPMs five times higher compared to traditional formats. The CEO also had some words of praise for other companies launching their native ad products, saying InMobi in particular has “done a good job” at making native ads scalable.
For more information on MobFox’s native ad solution head over to the official website.

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