Mobaff Tracker – super charge your mobile performance advertising

James Cooper

In Mobile Advertising. October 10, 2012

Mobaff Tracker is probably the most exciting launch in the mobile advertising and performance space this year.  It’s a new analytics and buying platform that really offers an amazing set of functionality.
The Mobaff guys are one most interesting networks in the mobile performance market today. They have experience as affiliates in the online and mobile world and are now running a highly exclusive, invite-only mobile affiliate network.  Alex, founder of Mobaff, known as The Angry Russian, wrote one of the seminal texts on mobile afffiliate marketing – the 14 day mobile marketing guide. The Mobaff Blog is also an amazing source of information and tips about what is and isn’t working right now out in the world of mobile marketing and media buying.
Anyway, they’ve been running a load of their own technology to support their own media buying and have been experimenting with some stuff that is still pretty cutting edge in mobile.  The ability to route traffic to multiple landing pages depending on device for example is a major benefit, as it allows the media buyer to use lower cost ‘run of network’ inventory and repackage it up into higher value inventory targeted by device, OS and so on. Now they are opening up this technology to third parties – the MobAff tracker is their latest product and it looks absolutely fantastic.
This was previously only available to selected affiliates on the Mobaff network but now they’ve opened it up and there are over 200 other users on the platform.  The whole thing is hosted on some top tier servers and has tracked over 60m clicks to date.  ]
Key Features of Mobaff Tracker 

  • Support for Macros
  • CSV download of data
  • WURFL device detection
  • Pass parameters to ad networks
  • Manage tracking URLs and codes
  • Fully hosted solution with 99% uptime guarantee

Here’s a video to showcase some of the features:

Demo showing the 1st Mobile Analytics and Post Click Optimization Tracking designed by mobile marketers for mobile marketers.
Audit the traffic your mobile network is sending you 
The Mobaff tracker allows you to check that what you are paying for in terms of your mobile ad buys, is actually being trafficked.  Often there are huge discrepancies between the traffic the advertiser buys and what the ad network or exchange sends.  For example, some networks are notorious for sending Wi-Fi traffic over when this has been blocked.
Identify the segments of high performing traffic 
By using the Mobaff tracker you can isolate the traffic that is converting for you and then try and buy more of it.  This can be traffic types across multiple data points and variants – Mobaff tracker allows you to mathematically identify the best types of inventory for your particular offer.  Conversely, it can also show you where low performing sites, publishers or networks are in order to block them.
Reduce admin and focus on campaign management
Using a tracker like Mobaff Tracker means that you don’t have to mess around so much in Excel or Google Spreadsheets in order to interpret the data.  This means you spend more time using the data for insight rather than just manipulating it.
Give you the edge that makes campaigns profitable 
It can be quite small things that make all the difference between success and failure in mobile marketing.  Blocking a single publisher or site ID can be enough to get your campaign profitable.  Having the ability to track parameters so closely with the Mobaff tracker gives you the ability to do this much easier.
Mobaff Tracker – Key Capabilities 
Some of the capabilities of the tracker include:
Real Time Tracking allows tracking of data across OS, mobile network, ad group, traffic source and more.  You can view key metrics such as CTR, conversion and so on in a single dashboard.  Analysis is provided by type of campaign, traffic sources and mobile ad networks and various visualisations.

Conversion Tracking – track any event or conversion point including app installs.  Tracking conversion on mobile has been extremely difficult, with emerging solutions such as UDID being depreciated and a lack of cookies and reliable alternatives.  The mobaff tracker uses a server-side pixel tracking system that maintains user privacy whilst tracking all links and events effectively.
Mobile conversion tracking is much more challenging than the web. With so many devices, handsets, and technology restrictions many of the traditional tracking methods including image and cookie tracking are unreliable. After evaluating the various solutions we have adopted the most accurate mobile tracking solution with Server-to-Server pixel integration.
Integration with Mobile Ad Networks – Mobaff tracker makes it easy to buy mobile advertising and can also pass information to the mobile ad networks, DSPs and exchanges via their macros system.  Some of the networks that support this include Jumptap, Airpush, Adfonic, Tapit, Mojiva, Greystripe, Inmobi and Millenial Media.
Data and Analytics – cut and sort the key performance stats as required to identify the most profitable traffic sources, creatives and approaches.  You can view by various parameters and combinations using a filter system.  No need to manipulate huge spreadsheets!  In total there are nearly 20 separate data points that the Mobaff Tracker can track.

Here’s a video overview of the reporting in the Mobaff Tracker.

Post click redirection – push users to a specific landing page, appstore or other event based on their mobile handset type.  This is really revolutionary in the mobile world and has huge value if it’s used to its full effect.
Alerts – manage the performance of your campaign remotely with warnings when particular floors or actions are reached.  You can be notified by email and also set specific rules or goals based on CTR, conversion and so on.
As you can see this really is a great bit of kit with huge potential.  You can find out more over at the Mobaff Tracker site.