mNectar notes surge in engagement rates of its playable mobile app adverts

mNectar, the app virtualisation and streaming platform, which creates ‘playable ads’ has noted a 30% spike in weekly engagement rates with the product. According to the company, users engage for an average 30 seconds to a minute. In addition, it noted rapid user and client growth, at a dozen apps per weeks since 2016.
Game Masons uses mNectar
The San Francisco-based company’s playable ads actually allow users to trial a game app before downloading it. With more than a quarter of apps uninstalled by consumers within just a few hours of install and 64% being deleted after 30 days, playables let users demo new apps and games and then download them in one click. But because ads are interactive they are also tracking the users and offer a way for publishers to more effectively monetise their apps.
Whilst video ads usually just pop up, playable ads are very different. They allow users to opt-in. Once launched, games can be resumed from where they were left off.
mNectar explains that it’s based on a pay-by-pay model where marketers only pay for the actual engagement.
Wally Nguyen, CEO, mNectar, says:
wally nguyen

“Up until this point, mNectar has had a wealth of anecdotal evidence from publishers and advertisers all pointing to playables’ competitive edge over interstitials and video ads. Today, we have the hard data to prove that, across the board, more people are engaging with playables to the fullest extent, which drives higher revenues for the publisher and delivers players with high lifetime value to the developer. Our recent growth and client retention metrics are hugely validating, and demonstrate empirically that playables are killing video ads and pushing the frontiers of mobile advertising.”

The company also said it hasn’t lost a customer since its foundation in 2012.
Publishers that work with mNectar include GREE, MobilityWare and Wooga, all of which have noted conversion rates that are up to seven times higher than mobile video ads. Retention rates are twice as high compared to video and user retention is four times better than standard interstitials.
In addition, mNectar has launched three new products over the past two months, including the custom HTML5 playables to showcase killer app moments, and rewarded playables which are built to generate even more engagement. Its app stream playables are streamed through Spectra, the firm’s streaming and virtualisation tech platform.

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