mNectar launches “killer app” moments for better mobile audience engagement

In-app playable advertising provider, mNectar, has just launched HTML5 playable ads which engage new users with “killer app” moments. Campaigns can be tailored for a top app experience and seek to drive audiences to engage, install and convert into fans.
mNectar launches “killer app” moments
The company provides custom HTML5 and app stream playables. Both can be rewarded and are enabled for force touch. That means, if a user interacts with the app stream playable, s/he experiences the content as if the app was installed on his/her device.
mNectar says that custom HTML5 playables are specifically built to make certain functions and features stand out and add more interactivity. This lets brands create a more unique and interactive user experience.
In partnership with Miniclip, Scopely, and Mobilityware, the company says it’s able to offer a more versatile and immersive ad experience. In addition, it provides a tech design team to help brands and publishers build custom playables in HTML5 within just 48 hours. Upon deployment, all playables are tracked for user interaction to offer greater insight into one’s campaign.
Playables have been proven to be a more immersive format with users engaging longer compared to other mobile ad formats and driving up to four times higher CPM. Conversion rates are seven times higher than those for mobile video adverts, and user retention is four times as effective and twice as good as mobile video ads.
Wally Nguyen, CEO, mNectar, says:
wally nguyen

“There are great apps in the market that are multifaceted, and brands want to be able to highlight the very best parts. Sometimes that is a sequence of events, and other times that is a specific feature. Custom HTML5 playables give brands and publishers more flexibility and creativity to demonstrate their value proposition so as to maximize user engagement.”

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