mNectar and Branch Metrics team up to improve user experience of mobile gaming ads

Playable mobile advertising company, mNectar has partnered with Branch Metrics, a company that develops mobile deep linking technology, to improve mobile user experience for apps and games. Combining mNectar’s Playable mobile ads with Branch Metrics’ deep linking, means users can try an app before they download it and then seamlessly continue where they stopped once downloaded. This will be particularly interesting for mobile games developers, likely resulting in higher user activation and retention.
Wally Nguyen, CEO at mNectar, explains: 

“Integrating Playable ads and deep linking with mobile gaming is a first. The entire app ecosystem, specifically gaming, is currently missing out on the benefits of combining the two.”

The company says that advertisers have already confirmed user retention rates four times as effective as other types of mobile advertising and twice as efficient as video.
Mada Seghete, Branch Metrics’ Cofounder, says:

“Developers across our network see nearly 100% lift on both the conversion to register and the one month retention for users who originate from a contextual deep link. It’s the best way to welcome and delight users: by showing them what they expect to see.”

Facebook also offers a deep-linking technology called App Links, which has been used over 7 billion times, since its introduction last year.

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