MMG to fight mobile advertising fraud with technology from Protected Media

mars media group protected media
Digital advertising company Protected Media has been selected by Mars Media Group for its multi-layer ad protection technology to provide better quality of online ad campaigns. Protected Media solutions have been built for enhanced visibility of ads to eliminate invalid traffic coming from botnets. The company taps into sources of malicious traffic and uses its insights to improve the quality of such ad traffic.
Mobile fraudulent traffic is a growing problem
Malware presents a growing problem for mobile advertisers. Indeed, the World Federation of Advertisers, just warned that around 10-30% of online ad slots aren’t even seen by humans. Advertisers pay for views, but they never reach a target audience.
To combat this problem, Protected Media has created a technology to investigate fraudulent ad activity by employing machine interrogation, bot profiling and dissection to uncover fraudulent ad impression sources. The resulting data offers a good level of detail that can pinpoint problems and enable the elimination of invalid traffic without sacrificing legitimate clicks and views.
Yaniv Atoun, Head of Video from Mars Media Group, says:

“Our previous ad fraud solution did not provide us with information about where the bad traffic was coming from, so we had no way to respond to reports of fraudulent traffic. Protected Media’s technology gives us in-depth information at the impression level that we need to diagnose problematic traffic so we can work side by side with publishers to identify and eliminate suspicious activity to dramatically increase over-all ad quality.”

MMG provides mobile user acquisition and monetisation tools for app developers. As such, it’s become important for the company to implement ad protection solutions for guaranteed viewability.
Asaf Greiner, CEO of Protected Media, adds:
asaf greiner

“Online ad fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the strategy of cybercrime busting methods combined with in-depth granular reporting is the best way to keep one step ahead. By providing the tools to continuously improve the value of online traffic, all the players in the online ad industry can collaborate to bring back faith, trust and value in online advertising.”

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