minimob Reflects on ChinaJoy 2016 Experience

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Posted: August 29, 2016

Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, and General Manager, APAC for Minimob Ltd. Colin is a long-standing mobile media entrepreneur in Asia, and presently leads the APAC regional App-related business unit for Minimob Ltd a mobile advertising and performance-marketing powerhouse with offices across 24 cities. With a 15-year career spanning all things Mobile, he has presented at many international conferences, including the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona), RBC Capital Markets Technology, Internet, Media and Telecommunications (New York); the Social Media World Forum (SMWF) Singapore, the MEF Global Forum (San Francisco) – and also at GMIC (Beijing).
With today’s volume of incoming information we digest pretty much non-stop, it’s actually a good idea to pause for a while and just recap your experience during some recent event you participated. To take time to try to reveal some hidden insight that wasn’t on a surface, when you were part of that event. But minimob’s recent experience with ChinaJoy wasn’t like that at all – the event had an avelanche of information right on its surface. It was just an overwhelming experience.
The 300k square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition space of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) was the scene of a spectacular consumer interest to entertainment technology. To give you the scale, it could take you like two hours to simply walk through the whole exhibition area.
ChinaJoy showcased both software and hardware related to mobile entertainment industry. In each hall there were lots of exhibitions of Chinese companies with big gaming brands and their respective characters live shows, with a scale that many Western companies can envy.
ChinaJoy 2016
According to recently released this year official data , more than 345,000 people visited ChinaJoy, which is 20% up from 2015 event, which had only 273,000 visitors. During the event more than 400 game products were showcased, among these 50 titles were actually released in the exhibition halls and about 50% of those were VR games.
TV, movie stars, as well as local celebrities could be easily spotted in all exhibition halls. Multi-screen theatre stages, along with e-sports arenas, were the major grabber or people’s attention and here its what NikoPartners had to say about the event:

“Chinese gamer’s are enamored with live game platforms to watch eSports online. Some of the larger platforms took part in ChinaJoy, including Longzhu, Douyu, ACFUN, and Bilibili. There were lines of more than 300 people waiting 2 hours, just for the chance to meet a famous online anchor or commentator. Douyu reported that they had 200,000 visitors to their booth, which had 300 anchors & commentators for consumers to meet in person.”

On the top of many Virtual Reality hardware product announcements, the launch of two mobile games were significant and created its own buzz during the event. Number one –  Legend of Mir, MMORPG mobile (Unreal Engine 4 based). Number two – Final Fantasy Type-0 which is a MMORPG for mobile devices. Both games will be released in China first later this year.
And final thing to share about ChinaJoy is that even though the idea to attach a mobile device to VR-worthy headset wasn’t a really compelling one but installing 360-degree rotating rig in a house certainly felt like an existing chance for current game-playing generation to get their virtual reality experience.

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