Millennials would rather lose a sense than their smartphone

At least a quarter of millennials would rather lose one of their senses than be without their smartphone, new research from mobile app developer Tappable revealed. The survey of 500 people aged 18 to 34 years noted that smell was the most sacrificed sense (64%), followed by sight and touch (12% each).

The findings highlight just how important mobile devices have become to people’s everyday life.

Among the other things millennials would give up to keep their smartphones are drinking (38%), travelling (18%) and even sex (15%) – the latter option at a gender imbalance of 18% of women to 10% of men. Another 10% would rather lose a finger than their smartphone.

Sam Furr, founder of Tappable, explained:

“Technologies close the gap on distant communities, creating a space that the younger generation can collaborate, interact and share. Something no other generation has experienced”.

Similar research by the Bank of America previously highlighted our growing dependence on our smartphones with 96% of US millennials deeming them more important than a toothbrush, whilst 91% consider their devices equal to deodorant.

Connectivity ranks as one of the top reasons why people are so dependent on their phones with 75% of survey respondents stating that a constant connection to friends and family was positive.


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