Millennials prefer social media to contact businesses online

Kiev, Ukraine – October 17, 2012 – A logotype collection of well-known social media brand’s printed on paper. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and more other logos.

New research has found that when contacting a company for customer service inquiries, millennials are more likely to use social media (26%) whilst baby boomers prefer online contact forms (30%). This is in part due to younger generations being more familiar with social media.

The study by Visual Objects based on the answers of 537 social media users found that overall email was still the top channel used to contact businesses online (31%), followed by social media (21%) and company website contact forms (19%).

Just 9% of respondents said they used live chats or chatbots, although experts predict that chatbot usage will increase over time.

Meanwhile, baby boomers were found to be less sceptical of sharing their data online using online contact forms. This is in contrast to millennials who have grown more suspicious of privacy issues.

Among the content most likely to persuade people to visit a website from social media are offers and promotions (27%) as well as images (25%). Indeed, deals were found to be more attractive toward baby boomers (38%) than millennials (22%).

Images are more likely to influence millennials (33%) than Gen Xers (21%) or baby boomers (12%) to visit a business website.

Overall, the research also shows that a strong social media presence is an important tool for business as 81% of people click through to a business website from social media. 11% even click through to a website from social media multiple times a day and 21% at least once a day.

“What you’re typically trying to do with social media is taking blog and news content that you’re regularly creating for your website and amplifying that to a new audience,” said Mike Sayenko, owner of Sayenko Design. “Social media gets your thought leadership content in front of the right audience and drives them back to the website.”

The study highlights that businesses should pay attention when promoting their social media websites and ought to create the content that is more likely to get people to visit their social media website.

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