Millennials are happy to share data to receive offers through mobile apps

According to a new report from Incorporated and research firm Bovitz, millennials are generally happy to share personal information with retailers in order to receive relevant offers. The Uncovering Truths Of Millennial Spending study, based on the answers of 2,000 millennials, found that they rely on email offers (42%) as well as mobile apps by retailers and brands (36%) to provide discounts and 39% search coupon sites for deals. finds that millennials use apps to get discounts
Seth Marlatt, VP of Analytics and Research,, says:

“Millennials are educated and realistic about their finances. Almost 70% closely monitor their budgets. Millennials embrace the idea of frugality, considering themselves smart shoppers, and take pride in educating themselves how to get the best deals when they want them.”

Whilst the majority of respondents researches products online, 81% still prefer to shop for their groceries in store. Social media isn’t an important channel with just about 20% of millennials discovering deals on Facebook or the likes.
Among other findings, the report discovered that keeping a good credit score was of increased importance to 78% of respondents. 70% of them are interested in personalised offers.

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