Microsoft Advertising offers free house ads for developers to promote their own apps

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Microsoft Advertising has announced house ads, a new free app cross-promotion solution that lets developers with one successful app place an ad for another, possibly less well-known, app inside it.
House ads are open to any developers with at least one app in Microsoft’s pubCenter ad serving platform, and available anywhere the Promote Your App functionality is available. This includes America, the UK, Canada, and Hong Kong.
The release of house ads will help developers to cross promote apps within the Windows Phone and Windows app stores and grow dowloads, without having to invest in a paid advertising campaign.
House ads are quickly setup inside Microsoft’s pubCenter platform
However, there are a few rules and regulations in place. Microsoft points out it will always prioritize paid ads over free house ads, meaning your own app ads will only show up when there are no paid options available. Each house ad is also limited to five impressions per day, per user, which it says is to prevent ad fatigue.
Additionally, house ads are platform specific, so only ads for Windows Phone apps will appear in other Windows Phone apps, and Windows-only app ads will show up in your Windows apps. There’s no option to mix and match.
Microsoft’s house ads feature is live and ready to be used now, and you can visit Microsoft Mobile Advertising’s profile to learn more about the company’s mobile advertising services.

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