Meteorological targeting for mobile adverts – WeatherAlpha and Drawbridge announced partnership

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Meteorology app data provider, WeatherAlpha, has integrated with cross-device marketing platform Drawbridge for advertisers to tap WeatherAlpha’s data to target consumers with weather-related messages.
WeatherAlpha partners with Drawbridge for weather-related mobile marketing campaigns
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That’s an interesting targeting feature – linking local weather conditions with consumer need could drive purchases for local retailers. With demographic, psychographic, dynamic, and geographic targeting already covered by many ad platforms and service providers, meteorological data hasn’t really been utilized – until now. WeatherAlpha likes to call it “environmental targeting”.
Indeed, the company aggregates raw data sets from a variety of private and publicly available sources, validates their accuracy and creates proprietary sets of weather data which can be used by advertisers to connect to audiences. In addition, it offers meteorological consultation to explain how weather can be best applied across mobile campaigns. The feature works standalone or as an add-on for an existing platform via API integration.
Rahul Bafna, VP of Product Management & Partnerships, Drawbridge, explains:

“We’ve seen over and over again that applying contextual data to cross-device marketing campaigns can drive consumer intent, and environmental data is a particularly valuable tool for driving an engagement or action. Leveraging this data for cross-device campaigns requires timely information at a global scale, and the granularity and flexibility of the data is unmatched. WeatherAlpha leads in a variety of targeting inputs, including variations above and below regional norms, customizable ranges of atmospheric conditions, UV-index, and even weather-related data such as pollen count and cold and flu outbreak. The data flexibility also allows our clients to activate campaigns against weather conditions days in advance, instead of being reactive to the current elements. Tapping WeatherAlpha as our exclusive provider of this unique data set was an easy choice.”

Among brands which have utilized the WeatherAlpha targeting features for digital ads to enable active weather triggers are Kingsford Charcoal and Clorox.
For example, Kingsford delivered a weather-targeted marketing campaign to go along the arrival of spring, driving brand awareness and purchase consideration by tapping into pleasant emotions of longer days and warmer weather. The campaign includes 12 weather variables and was found to be highly effective with increases in awareness and purchase intent for Kingsford Charcoal for grilling.
Combined with Drawbridge’s Cross-Device Platform, marketers can easily reach consumers and measure campaign performance. The platform was named “Best Display and Programmatic Advertising Platform” in the 2016 Digiday Signal Awards. Agencies and brands are getting full access to the platform to enable teams to set up campaigns and determine targeting features, creative assets etc.

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