MeetMe moves over mobile ad inventory management

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MeetMe, the social media technology company based in Florida, recently announced that it completed the transition to manage its mobile ad inventory in-house following the termination of its relationship with Beanstock Media on 02. June 2015. MeetMe lets users in the US discover and chat to each other. The company says that 80% of its traffic comes from mobile devices now. It has over one million total daily active users.
MeetMe is a social media app 
The company has a diverse revenue model that combines advertising with native features, virtual currency and subscriptions. Geoff Cook, Chief Executive Officer, MeetMe, says:

“We completed the transition of our advertising inventory to our internal solution ahead of schedule. Just one week after taking over, we have seen our daily mobile advertising revenue on some days surpass our average in May, our last full month with Beanstock. Between 05. June and 08. June our average daily mobile advertising revenue was on par with our May average. We plan to take full advantage of the flexibility we now have with respect to our mobile ad inventory, with a number of enhancements to different ad units planned to go live over the coming weeks.”

Just two days prior to the announcement, MeetMe launched a new app icon for its Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Android registrations increased by 20% during May 2015 due to the update. Cook added:

“We are excited to see the increase in Android organic registrations since introducing our new icon. We have received a lot of positive feedback from members and believe the new icon makes MeetMe stand out more to prospective members and clearly communicates that we are the best app to find new people to chat with.”

MeetMe’s new app icon
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The company confirmed that it plans to innovate its technology to improve relevancy of chat partners and test standalone apps.

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