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Posted: June 21, 2016

Christoph Brughmans is the co-founder of and is responsible for business development in Addiliate. He has extensive experience with affiliate management, digital marketing campaigns’ optimization and dealing with advertisers.
christoph is a global affiliate network with 900+ worldwide campaigns in all verticals, both for desktop and mobile. All our campaigns are based on a CPI, CPL or CPA payment model.
Founded in 2010, we make sure to offer the highest payouts to our 8,500 affiliates, and we pay our affiliates on a weekly basis. Very important as well, all our new affiliates receive a 500$US Welcome Bonus.
Our biggest verticals are app install campaigns on iOS and Android (CPI), gaming, dating, sweepstakes, sports betting and free trial campaigns.
Addiliate global affiliate network
Formats that are doing well are the traditional banner formats (300*250, 728*90, 160*600, etc) but also pop under/ups, redirects, and interstitial full page ads. In Mobile we see very good results with in-app banner adds and offerwalls in games.
Another big topic that is very important to our Affiliates is the technical integration of with the tracking platform they are using. Therefore, this guide provides detailed guidelines on how to configure integration and conversion tracking between Addiliate and the following other tracking platforms:
– Go2mobi:
– Voluum:
– Prosper202:
– CPVLab:
– HasOffers (TUNE):
– AdsBridge:
One of the advantages for our affiliates of being fully integrated with the largest tracking platforms is that set-up does not take a lot of time and goes very smoothly so that our affiliates can focus on buying traffic and generating revenues for their campaigns.
If you need help anyways with the technical set-up of your campaigns, our account managers can always help you out. Just write me and I’ll bring you in touch with one of our great account managers!
Any further information regarding pixel set-up, payment terms and other campaign information can be found on

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