MediaMath launches new tool to allow mobile marketers to segment their audiences

MediaMath, the advertising technology company for digital marketers, has just rolled out AudiencePLUS for the APAC region across its TerminalOne Marketing operating system. The new tool provides mobile audience segmentation for advertisers.
MediaMath TerminalOne marketing platform
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It has been jointly developed by Mobilewall, the mobile consumer intelligence platform. The goal of the new feature is simple: help marketers identify and target consumers across over 120 audience segments with more than 600m unique, targetable devices in 12 countries throughout the region.
Clients can target consumers based on demographics, behaviour and location. MediaMath has also added the option to create custom segments to target audiences. As part of AudiencePLUS, the segments can be plugged into existing and new marketing campaigns across MediaMath’s platform.
Rahul Vasudev, Managing director, Asia Pacific at MediaMath, explains that APAC client profiles have continued to change quite significantly over the last 12 months. He says:
rahul vasudev

“We’re reaching a stage where we see the investment in mobile overtaking display and video. This does not come as a surprise, given the mobile-first nature of consumers in APAC. We’ve had a long history of introducing class-leading tools in the desktop world, and now we’re able to give our clients the ability to replicate the same on mobile devices.”

He adds that the collaboration with Mobilewalla only enhance TerminalOne capabilities by letting clients be more specific about the consumers they wish to target.
Indeed, Mobilewalla comes with some 70 petabytes of accumulated mobile consumer data which it uses to compute audience profiles and segments. The firm does this by continuously observing mobile users and their behaviours across locations and time.
Anindya Datta, Chairman and CEO, Mobilewalla, adds:
anindya datta

“The mobile medium enables marketers to reach the most engaged digital consumers. Advertisers expect mobile campaigns to reach consumers in contextually relevant ways in order to significantly enhance the return of investment (ROI) on their advertising spend. We are excited to offer AudiencePLUS (APAC) on the industry leading MediaMath T1 platform to enable true one-to-one consumer addressability, and enable marketers to enjoy access to the region’s first mobile audience segment on the industry’s leading Demand-Side Platform (DSP).”

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