MediaBrix rolls out mobile vertical video advertising and a 360-degree mobile app experience

Anne Freier | November 21, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile-first video advertising platform, MediaBrix, is planning to roll out vertical video ads and a 360-degree mobile app experience. The company will also be adding 360 assets or vertical video to mobile users during curated moments across 1,000 apps.
MediaBrix rolls out vertical video and 360-degree experience
Vertical video allows advertisers to adapt their video ads to mobile as vertical has become a standard app orientation in-app. Over 90% of the top 100 iOS apps have a vertical orientation. However, advertisers have failed to adapt to the standard and are still delivering horizontal ads that weaken the consumer experience.
Snapchat, for example, reported an increase in vertical video completion rates that was nine times higher compared to horizontal video ads. Research by Neuro Research – Brand Receptivity in a Mobile Environment found that user engagement was higher and more meaningful when the delivery was vertical and embedded into the app experience.

Testing a standard full-page video interstitial the study found that around 70% of users do not rotate their phones when a horizontal video ad pops up. Only 14% of those videos are being completed. Most users are searching for the ‘X’ button when viewing such ads. Compared to that, vertical video ads were finished 90% of the time.

Ari Brandt, CEO and Co-founder of MediaBrix, explains:
ari brandt

“Our mission at MediaBrix has always been to focus on the needs of mobile users and to put the human experience at the center of the ad delivery. It’s the user’s world we’re entering, and the advertising has to respect it in order to be welcomed. Portrait-style vertical video and 360-degree experiences are vital steps in our goal to prioritize user needs, desires, and habits to drive real mobile engagement.”

In addition, the company has launched 360-degree experiences which will support quality engagement and more captivating formats.
Jeremy Sigel, Global Director, Partnerships & Emerging Media at Essence Digital, adds:
jeremy sigel

“We know that for real brand performance on mobile, format is a critical part of the equation — the more the ad naturally fits into the consumer’s mobile environment, the better the brand will connect with the consumer. That means adapting to the vertical app experience to which consumers are accustomed, and MediaBrix is doing just that with the release of vertical and 360 experiences.”

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