MediaBrix rebrands as Receptiv and rolls out new Video Marketplace for mobile programmatic video advertising

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 16, 2017

MediaBrix, the mobile advertising company, has officially rebranded as Receptiv, and launched its new Receptiv Video Marketplace for programmatic ads as well as the Receptiv Solutions suite for managed services.
The brand new third-gen product suite accommodates IAB standard units. Its programmatic division will be headed by new VP of Programmatic Sales Derek Weingarten, formerly of OwnerIQ.
In addition, Receptiv announced the launch of a first-part data management platform called Motiv, which its says combines billions of mobile data points across over 1,300 premium apps and 150 million DeviceIDs.
Ari Brandt, CEO and Co-founder of Receptiv, explained that the company had long focused on creating more receptive advertising experiences for its users.

“Our data and insights around user experience have grown much more sophisticated, and as a result, our company identity and offerings have become more refined and differentiated. We’ve harnessed our first-party data for advanced mobile audience intelligence and precise targeting to create the most scalable, contextually relevant ads for today’s consumers – who prefer to have brands add value to their app experience, rather than detract from it.”

In a statement, the company explained that the new product suite is allowing brands additional control over key performance indicators (KPIs) and features a 100% direct-to-developer supply via a SDK that’s 100% viewable as well as VPAID-enabled. In addition, the video products are IAB standardised and can be purchased as skippable and non-skippable as well as rewarded or non-rewarded options..
Importantly, all products tap into emotional moment targeting and will fit naturally into the app environment content.
The brand new video marketplace offers verified app inventory from Receptiv’s premium platform. It features over 500 apps that are new to the programmatic space and provides brands with video inventory previously not accessible in programmatic environments.
The company said its new video marketplace would also let brands launch large-format mobile video campaigns. Receptiv also added that it was working with video inventory management platform SpotX to make the inventory available within private marketplaces and deal-IDs.
Amanda Zaky, Senior Manager, Digital Media at Mars Chocolates, US, said:

“As in-app mobile video becomes increasingly desirable for our brands, we’re looking for both scale and quality engagement. Receptiv is uniquely able to deliver both, with their deep platform of premium apps and deep insights into mobile user receptivity. They allow our brands to truly connect with mobile users during key moments and build relationships while driving impact.”

The new Receptiv Solutions managed services suite comes with boosted product formats for more immersive video and richer experiences including 360-degree options and haptics. Larger campaigns are supported and brands have access to premium targeting via the Receptiv DMP, Motiv.
The Motiv mobile-first DMP will drive some more advanced audience insights for which Receptiv has leveraged in-app behavioural analytics and advanced machine learning models based on over 150 million mobile devices.
Motiv is tapping predictive modeling algorithms to turn 80+ terabytes of raw data into targetable and actionable audience segments to power a new generation of smart mobile advertising.
Receptiv says that Motiv offers over 90% accuracy on key demographics and is twice as accurate as third-party mobile data which uses cookies to target.
Last year, has been a defining one for the company, ultimately, leading up to its rebrand. The company generated over $100m in revenue and attained profitability. It launched new offices in Canada and the US and announced Richard Kosinski as its first president and global chief revenue officer. In addition, the company rolled out the Brand Receptivity Labs which power mobile advertising insights using neuroscientific techniques.
Ryan Ziegler, General Partner of Edison Partners, concludes:

“Over the years, we’ve seen MediaBrix deliver on its promise of human-centered advertising and grow steadily because of it, emerging as a market leader for in-app mobile video. While its technology and team have always been ahead of the curve, there is greater market demand than ever for what Receptiv now offers, and this evolution in company identity reflects that. As an investor and a partner in the brand, we look forward to its continued growth.”