MediaBrix launches Breakthrough Moments for mobile advertising

New York-based mobile ad platform MediaBrix recently announced the launch of a new generation of its Breakthrough Moments technology, which serves in-app advertising at times when users are best connected to an app through feelings. Heightened states of emotions such as the frustration over not reaching the next level in a new game, give marketers opportune moments to counter a user’s feelings with advertising.
MediaBrix rallys, rescues and rewards mobile users with advertising
Reward-based, carefully timed mobile advertising campaigns are on trend right now. Ads which are considered interruptive and annoying ultimately can damage a brand’s reputation. MediaBrix’s latest solution features enhanced human interaction and sensory marketing, with ergonomic on-screen buttons as well as audio and haptics that stimulate an emotional reactions, ensuring users are engaged at the right moment. Ari Brandt, CEO of MediaBrix, explains:

“We think we’ve cracked the code on user receptivity. Moments signify an industry shift from a quantity of advertising, which can actually push consumers away on mobile, to quality interactions based on contextual data. Based on what [the consumer is] experiencing, we determine the type of emotion, and then we have a dynamic container or vessel that contextualizes that moment, and position a brand to rescue or reward in that moment.”

In addition, the company added the ability to purchase ad units programmatically for Moments.
DJ Perera, Director Consumer Marketing, Meria, adds:

“Mobile advertising helps us reach our consumer base while they are engaged in-app, so our campaigns have higher visibility with a captured audience. With MediaBrix, we had the flexibility to create custom content that was relevant to the consumers experience within the app. By connecting with them during pivotal moments in a premium environment, we are building brand awareness and forming bonds with consumers that we can nurture over time.”

According to MediaBrix, the new version of Moments has already proven increased video completion rates of 84% with purchase intent up to 167%. It claims that Rescue ads helped brands increase favourability by 122% and Rally ads rose 72% for click-through.

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