MediaBrix and Kik roll out emotional brand connections with Kik Points

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MediaBrix, the emotional brand connections specialist for mobile advertising, recently announced a strategic partnership with messaging app Kik to help establish emotional brand connections using Kik Points, a rewards programme for chat users who can earn points when completing activities on Kik, such as watching a video or downloading a sticker pack. Points can be redeemed for digital goods, such as emojis.
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Whilst eMarketer predicts in-app ads to outpace mobile web ads in spending this year, messaging apps haven’t been fully tapped into yet. Ari Brandt, CEO of MediaBrix, explains:
ari brandt

“Messaging apps like Kik are the future of communication and entertainment for the next generation – and the audience they reach has become highly coveted by marketers. But that same audience is highly sensitive to disruptive advertising so choosing partners who can facilitate brand engagement in the right way on their platform was critical. Together with Kik, we can empower brands to interact with a hard-to-reach audience of teens who are spending more time on mobile devices than any other medium, but who are easily turned away by disruptive ads. We’re excited to work with Kik to turn brand advertising into an additive and rewarding experience for its users.”

Kik has 240m users averaging a user time of 35 min per session, which, the company says, is higher than other messaging apps. Together with MediaBrix it is now able to integrate brand messaging that does not disturb the user experience to provide up to 500% higher engagement rates. In exchange, Kik Points provide value to users. The audience is in control, interacting with ads when they choose to and receiving a reward for it. This creates a more positive sentiment for brands.

Josh Jacobs, President, Kik Services, adds:
josh jacobs

“User experience is always the number one priority at Kik. MediaBrix shares our vision that advertising should be seamless and non-disruptive, no matter what. Based on initial results, we’re excited this partnership will provide fun and engaging content that will lead to meaningful brand interactions rather than just pushing traffic to a website.”

Marketers are increasingly seeing value in engaging consumers through messaging apps. 40% of US youth aged 13-25 are engaging on Kik and that number is expected to grow, as young teens with no phone number of their own find ways to engage with their friends through WiFi on mobile devices.

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