Media Ratings Council issues first guidelines on mobile viewable ads

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The Media Ratings Council, established to promote accurate and effective audience measurement in advertising, has issued guidelines for mobile adverts. Described as “interim guidance on Mobile Viewable Impression Measurement,” it’s the first time the watchdog has covered mobile advertising in such detail.
The interim nature means the guidelines will change over time, and the report explicitly states the “technical characteristics of the mobile ad serving environment may require the development of new or enhanced methods for determining the view ability of mobile-delivered ads.”
The MRC has issued its first set of guidelines for mobile ad viewability
MRC Guidelines
In the meantime, it has come up with what it calls “appropriate approaches to mobile viewable impression measurement,” and laid them out for the industry to study. It breaks them down into two sections — Viewable Impression, and Loaded Ad — then gives its requirements for desktop, mobile web, and in-app view ability.
The guidelines were produced independently, and not by the MWC, which is in the process of forming a “viewable-impression working group.” The next set of instructions is expected to come after summer this year, but no date outside of the third quarter has been given. The MRC then says a draft version of the final Mobile Viewable Impression Measurement Guidelines will be ready for circulation before the end of the year.
You can read the complete document, in PDF form, here.

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