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James Cooper | February 25, 2013


A quick blog post from Mobile World Congress at a Heroes of the Mobile Fringe event with panellists from the BBC, Loopme, Kiip, Weve and Fairfax media and moderation from the IAB.
Thanks to the generous sponsors and hosts:

  • Loopme – brilliant & innovative new social mobile ad and offer network
  • Kiip – mobile rewards based mobile advertising platform
  • Itnig – cool Spanish digital accelerator and incubator
  • Camaloon – on-demand product and printing company (I now have one of their badges)

Also bigup to the Fonecast who recorded a podcast of the event.

Here’s my notes – these were done on a Chromebook so apologies for any typos or mistakes!
– Fairfax -hard to keep up with mobile innovation – appstores are more and more about music and games so tough for media companies.  iPad is lots of video and leanback, evening time – ‘shape shifting’.  Fairfax is now a ‘mobile-first’ company.  Looking to launch on Windows 8, not Blackberry though!  Launching ebooks with visuals etc as a new mobile-friendly format for long-form content.   Need to reward people for providing data.  The industry has got mobile advertising wrong so far.
– BBC – audience expectation the key barrier now need to offer amazing UX each time.  Also fragmentation (Android) 2.2 and 2.4 almost different OS … lots of testing required.  Winter Olympics, World Cup, Commonwealth Games coming.  Mobile web to reach all then native apps to increase reach and engagement.  Had first day in BBC Sport the other day where mobile was bigger than desktop.  You can’t have a 3 year product roadmap – can hardly think 12 months ahead …
– Loopme – plugging into new platforms e.g. Unity games developer platform and seeing good uptake from that.  Mobile ads 1.0 starting 6 or 7 years ago was just porting stuff from online, now starting to see more mobile native experiences.   All about monetising smaller niches in the market so need smarter ways of making money (from smaller traffic with more information) e.g. highly customized ads.
– Weve – messaging still has legs in mobile advertising – simple, effective, anyone can recieve it.  Intelligence in terms of relevance means that messaging can still be very innovative.  Display ads and messaging can be combined together.  Mobile is not just part of ‘digitial’ its a complement to every media.  Try and link mobile ads more deeply to the business challenge – move away from tactical solutions – advertisers need to challenge themselves more not to just buy banners.  Success will not be formats – shopper marketing, CRM are big opportunities.
– Kiip – mobile ads was held back because big brands didn’t want to put in big budgets.  Too many spammy, poor experiences in mobile ads and was scaring off the marketing people.  This is now changing and bigger budgets being deployed on an ongoing basis.
– Print more valuable than online, which is more valuable than mobile … real challenge for media businesses that have high cost bases, need to employ journalists etc
– People getting in right in mobile – mobile app economy – developers needing to get ROI – mostly small companies – combining that with mobile wallets etc will make a change.  Google – came into a market with a new thing ‘search’ and disrupted the ad industry in a very successful way.  Time are doing a good job with responsive design on their sites.  Pandora in the US doing a good job with personalised mobile music.  Whatsapp – 250m users – very powerful – will be able to offer some amazing things … bigger than a lot of other networks that get more press e.g. Instagram, Pinterest.
Everyone really carried on the discussion afterwards with some really lively debate and a great range of perspectives from the panellists and a high quality audience.  Thanks to the speakers, moderators, sponsors, hosts and the HOTMF crew for a great event.

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