Measuring ad effectiveness using eye gazing could become a thing #MWC

Anne Freier | February 27, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Measuring mobile ad effectiveness could reach a whole new level with a new eye-tracking invention presented at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona this week.

The smartphone advertising gaze analytic solution was presented by VisualCamp, a Korean eye-gaze tracking company.

The technology offers the potential to allow advertisers to track mobile user eye gaze movements using the front camera of a smartphone.

It follows VisualCamp’s launch of its first smartphone eye-tracking software back at MWC Shanghai in June 2018.

Although its unlikely the technology will reach privacy-regulated markets any time soon, the technology could create gaze data to determine if a user is looking at an ad or not. It would also provide information such as for how long a user would gaze at an ad, which could be particularly valuable in measuring video ads.

“It has a clear difference from other previous demos,” VisualCamp’s CEO Seok, Yun Chan said. “This video ads gaze data analyzing demo is made for those video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook related to mobile ads. I hope this demo gives ideas and references to them so that it could create new ad business models.”

The company is still demoing the solution until 28th February.

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