mCommerce driven by convenience of mobile, finds news BuzzCity report

Anne Freier | January 27, 2016

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Mobile ad network, BuzzCity, just released a new report on mobile commerce trends. According to the Quarterly Report -Vol 6 Issue 1 – January 2016, consumers are increasingly more comfortable to shop using their mobile devices. 69% browsed or shopped online last year, an increase of 10% since 2014. Mobile devices played a central role when it came to spending money online for almost a third of respondents, compared to just 23% on PCs.

mCommerce is on the rise

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Overall, consumer confidence in mCommerce has grown, dropping from 41% of respondents in 2013 saying they would not consider it to just 27% in 2015. 19% of consumers predicted they would use their mobile devices to make over 50% of their overall purchases. That’s a significant finding, highlighting just how important mobile has become.

Dr. KF Lai, CEO and Founder, BuzzCity, explains:


“Mobile devices are intrinsic to how we live our lives – the first thing we reach for when we wake up and the last thing we look at before closing our eyes to sleep. This research shows how much more comfortable and trusting consumers have become in shopping via mobile and as a result, one in five (19%) users expect over 50% of their overall purchases to be aided by mobile devices.”

More shoppers consider purchasing using their mobile devices



Among those not interested in mCommerce top reasons were that they preferred the experience of shopping in-store (26%) and users had not debit/credit cards (26%).

Convenience has been a core driver for the fast adoption of mobile shopping. In addition, consumers opt for stores which offer a greater variety of products (18%), with products and prices that are well displayed (16%). Mobile retailers should ensure a high level of security and the availability of various delivery options at all times.

Choice of online shop driven by variety of products

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Almost one in four are using their mobile devices to check the availability and prices of a product before they purchase it in-store. One in five also said that their smartphone allowed them to find information about a product faster than a shop assistant. 18% compare prices online to find the best deals. In doing so, 21% have previously left a store because an item was discounted or available for less elsewhere.

Smartphones often used for price checks



Lai concludes:

“Key to continuing the appetite for mobile commerce is the user experience. Brands need to perfect fast and secure payment platforms and personalised customer relationship management in order to benefit from the increasing number of shoppers who use the mobile channel. Retailers and service providers also need to look at how the in-store experience can be mirrored on mobile; ensuring convenience, reliability and excellent customer service throughout a transaction.”

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