mCommerce driven by apps over mobile web

Anne Freier | September 24, 2015

App Business


According to the 2015 Holiday Digital Marketing Guide from Steelhouse, mCommerce shoppers spend 82% of their time in-app compared to only 18% in mobile web. Mobile in-app campaigns convert at 5-10x the mobile web rate.

mCommerce is being driven by apps not mobile web



Based on data from over 500 retailers across millions of transactions, the research found that 26% of eCommerce was coming from mobile devices between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. In general, consumers using technology were spending more money on products and services.

Dynamic mobile advertising was found to grow conversion rates by 69% compared to static ads. Video adverts and countdown timers achieved up to 10x better performance compared to those without.

With 41% of shoppers planning to use their mobile devices to research products and services, even in store, strong targeting features are a must for advertisers. However, Steelhouse discovered that whilst 87% of advertisers are investing in mobile, only 11% are using segments within their campaigns. Real-time location as well as consumer behaviour or demographics targeting are powerful tools in reaching a greater audience.

Among the companies top tips for mobile advertisers to consider this holiday season are:

  • Target shoppers who are already engaged (those who have products in their baskets which they haven’t yet checked out or shoppers who have visited sites frequently or bought similar products)
  • Location-targeted and personalised recommendations are the way to go
  • Re-target shoppers
  • Compelling creative and messaging is still one of the best ways to engage audiences
  • Offer great deals
  • Ensure video backgrounds and countdown timers are up to par

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