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Posted: May 3, 2017

We’re happy to announce you can now buy traffic via our Real-Time Bidding model in the PropellerAds Network.
The main advantage of RTB solutions is that it maximizes advertisers’ income by taking the whole promotion process to the next level with automated bidding, making advertising truly cost-effective. Thanks to innovative smart technologies, advertisers can get the best placements and the most relevant targeted users.

Why go programmatic with PropellerAds?

True Global Coverage

We’re serving more than 700M ad impressions daily. As our advertiser, you can get access to each and every one of them, and show your ads to users from 195+ countries. But by using PropellerAds RTB-solution you don’t pay blindly for traffic volume. You just target and pick the users you need.

Automated Bidding

Enables you to run cost-effective campaigns with minimum effort. Based on the automated instantaneous auction, programmatic buying doesn’t need your constant attention and manual optimization. The auctions are held in milliseconds and the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site.

High Performing Cross-Platform Ad Format

We offer industry-leading Pop-Under solutions – the most cost effective ad format to drive both mobile and desktop traffic. It allows you to skip banner ads and bring users’ attention directly to a site or landing page.

Integration Options

We support OpenRTB, XML, and JSON data exchange protocols and can provide you with customized solutions as well.

How can you get started?

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