Mavrck makes it easier to personalise influencer marketing insights

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 12, 2019

Mavrck, the influencer marketing platform, is making changes to its survey research capabilities by integrating it with its influencer database.

The addition makes it easier for marketers to make their research insights actionable, and scale influencer search criteria.

“Influencers know their audiences, as well as cultural trends, better than average consumers, using that expertise to create content and become an influencer in the first place. So why wouldn’t marketers want influencer-generated research insights from these experts when developing products, experiences, and campaigns?” said Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder & CEO of Mavrck.

Currently, the majority of panels, focus groups or creative groups depend on candidates to self-screen their qualifications, increasing bias. By judging influencers based on their actual content and performance, marketers can rest assured that their qualifications are true.

“We realized that the thousands of survey responses our brand customers were collecting from influencers each day could enhance the way marketers search, segment, and activate influencers. We just needed to intelligently connect the responses to their profiles within the Mavrck Influencer Index. Now marketers can easily find and survey influencers to help develop a product or campaign, as opposed to only using influencers at the tail-end of the process to promote a product or post content as part of a campaign.”

The survey responses have now been connected to each influencer’s personal reply. All data collected remains invisible to the client, ensuring consumer privacy, whilst boosting personalisation.