Mavin wants to improve mobile app engagement by adding real-time options to campaigns

Mavin Motion, the newly launched platform founded by a team of Google and Microsoft engineers and a digital media veteran, wants to enable app developers to monetise on events and trends in real-time to engage their users. The technology takes a page out of the social media playbook where trending topics can be utilised by advertisers to boost engagement.
Apps have somewhat lagged behind when it comes to dynamics and interactivity. Over half of consumers consider push notifications annoying and 60% of app users actually disable them. Further, it’s a well established issue that app developers tend to focus on new user acquisition versus re-engagement of existing users. However, 25% of apps are deleted after just a single use.
That’s where Mavin Motion comes in. The company wants to add the missing pieces to app engagement, namely real-time campaigns that incorporate events, trends and global sentiment. App developers on Mavin Motion can incorporate topical news as well as seasonal events and can increase value over the consumer lifecycle.
The platform incorporates a drag-and-drop function to schedule campaigns for A/B testing and full launch in just 30 minutes. In addition, it features a customised user wallet to accept a preferred currency and incentivises engagement with promotions, vouchers, cash and currency. The analytics dashboard provides the first report after just 24 hours.
Shailesh Nalawadi, Co-founder and CEO of Mavin, says:

“Our experience engaging millions of consumers has shown us that people are hungry for new ways to engage with their favorite apps and brands, but they aren’t waiting around for them to innovate. This is particularly true in the US, where people have myriad apps to choose from, and often abandon them quickly. That’s why we created Mavin Motion as the only full-service solution for apps that brings speed and spontaneity to drive engagement and ultimately create a loyal base of customers.”

Saavn, the Indian music streaming platform, which tested the platform early on, tripled its engagement compared to an average app campaign. 40% of Saavn users completed the enrolment step in exchange for sponsored listening.
Rishi Malhotra, Co-founder and CEO of Saavn, adds:

“The Mavin team has pioneered technology that drives engagement, the critical metric for nearly all mobile apps. It’s dynamic and real time, so it’s gives us flexibility in tuning offers and tailored promotions to our worldwide user base. It’s enabled us to save time and resources. They are engagement-makers.”

In addition to the product launch, Mavin also announced a $3 million funding round led by Mousse Partners and Montane Ventures to expand the company’s offering.

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