Matthew Lord, Chief Strategy Officer, Adperio Talks Mobile Acquisition

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Partner Post - Adperio Premier Mobile Acquisition Partner

Posted: March 7, 2016

Matthew Lord is the Chief Strategy Officer for Adperio, a mobile acquisition company based in Denver.

Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM are now unified under the global brand of Perform[cb].

What is Adperio and how are you positioned in the market?
Adperio is a mobile acquisition partner. We plan and build customized programs for our clients by putting ourselves in their shoes. What are their goals? Is it an app launch? Full-scale acquisition? What are the post-install goals? What do the next six months look like? The next year? We use all of that information to decide what channels and strategies to test first. Our Account Management team is great and have a phrase they live by, which is that they operate as an “outsourced internal team” for our clients. It’s that kind of perspective that differentiates us.
Some other players in the ecosystem act like people on Tinder. We are in it for the long-term relationship.
What types of clients do you work with?
We work with all kinds of apps, from the big names to smaller indie devs just getting started. Our clients span a wide range of app categories, but have certain qualities in common. A desire to acquire new and engaged users, an openness to testing in order to find the right media balance, and a strong emphasis on protecting their brand while scaling.
I personally enjoy working with lifestyle apps. From the perspective of acquisition, you can be a little more creative. Who needs a travel app? Well, you can build consideration just by targeting people getting hammered with a rough winter. For one of the sports betting apps, we found we could drive the highest engagement through that app’s affinity with the casino game category
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
We’ve see success in all the big markets, but the US and Europe continue to dominate, driven by our clients’ budgets and growth strategies. Australia’s been great for some app soft-launches. We’ve also had success in Latin America, India, etc. The exciting thing is, we have the supply for any geo around the world.
What are your main tips for successful mobile user acquisition?
Set goals and track everything. Don’t be afraid to test, but test quickly. Find the stories in the data. Treat channels and sources distinctly: compare, but set pricing and goals appropriate to each. Work with people you enjoy. Acquisition is a 24/7 business and if you’re not having fun, you’ll get burned out.
Working with big brands, what part do you find the most challenging?
I wouldn’t say challenging. I would say it’s where we get to have great conversations with our clients and where we have the best ability to optimize, get creative and test new inventory. We have a mantra around the office: Have something new to say every week. This is most possible when it comes to our biggest clients. That new thing could be a fresh insight about creative, a question about their goals, or an incremental source we’ve identified. That’s what fires us up, and it’s the basis of what we bring to the table for our clients.
What challenges do you see for indie app developers now?
Discovery is as difficult as it’s ever been. The apps I see emerge have a holistic acquisition strategy that includes coordination with Category Managers at the app stores, earned media, and aggressive but smart ad buys. I see a lot of regional growth strategies in lifestyle apps, but that’s also a hard road.
What do you think the big themes for mobile app marketing are going to be in 2016?
It may be a personal bias, but I think data will continue to drive the industry this year. Adperio has been in business for over 21 years, so we have ridden successive waves of the internet revolution, including email, social, and now mobile. What’s interesting is that each wave is accelerated by smart people and what we all learned in the last wave. Data is a huge component of that, and you can see the analytics and attribution platforms starting to overlap a little bit. It will be interesting to see how that all shakes out.
Adperio has a major announcement regarding data coming up. We already have a suite of tools to help protect our advertiser’s ad dollars. Now we’re set to deliver insights that are difficult to come by in the ecosystem. Look for an announcement about that in the next month or so.
What kind of people work with you in the team at Adperio?
Something like 70% of our people have been with us for 4 years or more, and 30% over 7 years. We have a lot of history together, a lot of experience, and a lot of fun. We walk the floors and talk to each other to solve problems. We have a standup meeting every morning where we talk through our clients and what we’re working to accomplish that day. It’s a very collaborative environment and we achieve more because everyone’s working toward the same goals.
What mobile devices do you use?
We have devices of all shapes and sizes, iOS and Android, scattered around the office. It’s instructive to see ad units and how they look on different platforms and screens.
What are your favourite apps?
They are the apps I use regularly. Lyft would be one. Other apps I use that have a real function in my life: United, Facebook Ads, Spotify, 🙂 Soduku +, Instagram, HBO Now, OpenTable, Skype. And I’m someone who doesn’t think I use a lot of apps. But I’m also a data guy, so I have a real appreciation for dashboards and graphs. I have to say, weather apps including Weather Underground are packing so much data into beautifully designed UIs. If I was working on the attribution/analytics platforms, that’s one place I would look for inspiration.
As an acquisition partner, we of course test every new app to make sure it’s accurately tracking post-install events, etc. I love when I see an Account Manager talking about an app she just tested. The addictive ones. It’s an early success indicator, a client we’re going to have fun working with.
If you want to know more about what Matthew Lord does and how Adperio helps companies with mobile app acquisition visit their website

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