Matomy’s MobFox partners with Pixalate to optimise mobile adverts to avoid fraudulent traffic

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Media company Matomy has just announced a partnership between its mobile advertising platform MobFox and ad fraud protection and data intelligence firm Pixalate. MobFox will be optimising three billion daily mobile bid opportunities to avoid fraud by tapping into Pixilate’s IP/User Agent Blacklists.

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The new partnership resolves some major issues within programmatic advertising related to fraudulent ad traffic.

Kumaran Sambandam, VP, MobFox Exchange, explains:

kumaran sambandam

“MobFox is proud to be partnering with Pixalate, and we make it our priority to work with companies that have developed proven data-driven technologies and solutions that will help us provide advertisers better results, by optimizing away from fraudulent traffic. Together with Pixalate, we will continue to expand our capabilities in mobile and programmatic advertising, by preventing ineffective ad spending.”

MobFox works with over 250 DSPs as well as premium networks and 40,000+ registered publishers alongside mobile ad companies. Meanwhile, Pixalate offers a wide range of products that ensure transparency among programmatic advertising campaigns.

In partnership with Pixalate, MobFox will be able to measure fraud types and volume more effectively to steer campaigns away from fraudulent traffic.

MobFox Autopilot


Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate, adds:

jalal nasir

“Ad fraud is one of the biggest challenges facing digital advertising this century. Pixalate’s Security Dome and Data Intelligence Suite provides the most comprehensive technology solution to suppress fraudulent traffic from entering the ad supply chain. We are excited to see companies like MobFox taking a stand against mobile ad fraud with these industry-leading solutions.”

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