Matomy rolls out programmatic native advertising on myDSP platform

Matomy Media Group has announced the integration of programmatic native ads on its mobile self-serve demand side platform myDSP.
That means myDSP now supports native ads for in-app and mobile web platforms and lets clients tap into more engaging formats to support their ad strategies.
According to eMarketer, native programmatic makes up 19% of marketer budget allocations, with marketers dedicating another 39% to social native and 43% going towards publishing.
The positive growth across native ad channels has much to do with the format’s seamless integration into most environments supporting a less disruptive ad experience for end consumers.
The myDSP enables native buying from a single console whilst providing full transparency to clients about how they want to run their ads.
Mor Meroz, VP Revenue mtmy and myDSP says:

“myDSP’s native offering comes on the heels of mtmy’s offer of a fully-managed native advertising service for our clients. Native ads have become an integral part of our mobile ad strategies to gain highly-engaged users, whether you want to tap into native using the myDSP self-serve platform or with the help of a mtmy campaign manager.”

myDSP comes with a 360-degree solution which could also help boost creative from Google Play and the App Store. Data analysis, machine learning and targeting technologies are all part of the package.
myDSP was original launched last year by combining MobFox’s technology with Matomy’s internal DSPs for a uniquer combination of features.

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