Matomy rolls out native advertising as a managed service via its mtmy agency

Anne Freier | February 27, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Media company Matomy Media Group has now added native advertising as a fully-managed service on mobile and desktop to its data ad agency mtmy. Clients will be able to choose native ads across all the agency’s channels -social, search, programmatic, video and more.
The move is in line with estimates that mobile native ad spend will reach €8.8 billion by 2020. The steep increase from just €1.5 billion in 2015 shows the format is catching up. Indeed, another study by Facebook and IHS Inc. finds that native ads had engagement rates that were between 20-60% higher than banner ads. Retention rates were three times higher.
The format’s popularity is largely driven by its seamless integration and blending into the publishing environment. This makes them less intrusive compared to other advertising formats.
Mor Meroz, VP Revenue mtmy and myDSP, says:

“Native advertising is becoming the new normal as advertisers pursue innovative ways to step up high-quality user acquisition and deliver superior brand engagement. The potential impact of native advertising is enormous but maximizing this opportunity requires expertise. mtmy strengthens our clients’ capabilities to show a significant lift in post-install events. For example, one of our clients saw a 533% increase in first-time depositors after adopting native advertising with mtmy. That’s native advertising done right.”

However, according to Matomy, advertisers often face challenges with the format, such as navigating landscape options and selecting the right native media platforms.
That’s where mtmy comes in. It offers a fully-managed service with cross-channel optimisation that it hopes can maximise returns on ad budgets. The agency provides tailored media plans for every stage of the product lifecycle. Indeed, it creates customised and targeted campaigns based on technology that can identify high lifetime value and lookalike users. It also taps behavioural data.
Ofer Druker, CEO, Matomy, adds:

“mtmy provides its clients with a smarter approach to advertising. We streamline the process of working with multiple media platforms and offer the widest reach of engaged users on our proprietary technology, thereby optimizing scale without sacrificing quality. Launching the fully-managed native advertising offering is an exciting next step in our ongoing strategy to use best-of-breed technology and competitive data intelligence to ensure advertisers have impactful, cost-effective campaigns.”

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