Matomy rolls out myDSP to ease programmatic advertising and optimisation

Anne Freier | September 9, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Matomy, the smart solutions media provider, has just launched a new self-serve demand side platform with proven global scale. Dubbed myDSP, the platform has been designed to help media buyers achieve their conversion goals.
myDSP makes media buying easier
Ido Pollak, CTO of Matomy explains that media buyers usually work with an average 14 DSPs which makes it quite a difficult process to still keep an overview. He says:
ido pollak

“At Matomy, we are always looking for ways to streamline our clients’ workload and deliver a smarter, more intuitive service. By leveraging insights from our experience with MobFox’s powerful DSP, we were able to greatly simplify how media buyers plan, manage, optimize and report on campaigns. myDSP offers a smarter approach to self-serve advertising.”

The platform has been created over the last year in collaboration with Matomy’s MobFox DSP media buyers. The result is a combination of technology and services known from MobFox and Matomy’s own internal DSP, together with a set of brand new functions for smarter programmatic advertising and optimisation.
The myDSP platform includes access to media inventory from over 40,000 publishers on MobFox’s SSP as well as supply from other SSPs including MoPub and Inneractive. It features extensive targeting options and granular control over media sources including IAB categories as well as creatives, carriers and placements. This means that myDSP can learn which attributes contribute the most to a campaign’s success.
In addition, it has a micro bidding function that allows for efficient and optimised bidding options. The reporting suite has been designed to set up a campaign in five steps with intuitive and real-time control to support individual optimisation when needed.
Matomy adds that the platform will join its roster of programmatic and performance solutions, including MobFox, video platform Optimatic as well as mobile ad agency mtmy.
Sagi Niri, COO of Matomy, adds:
sagi niri

“Following the successful launch of our holistic mobile advertising agency mtmy, we are excited to see myDSP extend its superior service to marketers, enabling them to achieve and often surpass their metric-driven advertising goals. With their individual needs for optimization, media buyers gain flexible and powerful real-time control over all campaign attributes and the ability to directly convert customers with targeted offers.”

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