Matchmade connect app marketers to 2 million YouTube channels

Anne Freier | November 19, 2019


Influencer marketing platform Matchmade has just launched a new platform for app marketers.

Over 7 million apps across Apple’s App Store and Google Play will gain access to more than 2 million non-gaming channels on YouTube.

And the company has attracted some big clients for the launch – Opera and TikTok are among the first to sign up.

“We’re incredibly pleased to be able to open up the Matchmade platform and give millions of app developers the same opportunity to connect with influencers as we’ve been giving to game developers,” said Jiri Kupiainen, CEO & founder, Matchmade. “There is a massive opportunity to connect the 7 million apps out there with influencers to help them grow, and the fact that both TikTok and Opera have signed to run campaigns with us is an incredibly positive sign.

The company’s solution connects marketers to influencers on YouTube and Twitch for highly targeted campaigns. To get marketers the right match, the platform analyses YouTube channels and videos in real-time.

The platform analyses the content from each channel and the audience’s response.

Third-party attribution through AppsFlyer, Kochava and Adjust is also supported.

“Our campaign brought us a significant increase in downloads, and we received great engagement from the community,” said Rosette Belesi, Global Product Marketing Manager, Opera.

In addition, Matchmade announced the opening of an office in Shanghai.

“Our new office in Shanghai will also help Chinese app developers to gain traction for their apps and games in the West,” added Kupiainen.

The expansion is supported by a recent funding round during which the company raised €4 million.

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