Massive mobile app traffic spike beats websites for retailers on Black Friday

Andy Boxall

In App Business. December 19, 2016

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Retailers saw a massive spike in mobile app and web traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, resulting in a record-breaking $9b sales count, and a quoted $1.2b of that figure coming from mobile. That’s the first time mobile sales crossed the billion-dollar mark in the U.S.. However, while Amazon maintained its Black Friday app performance on Cyber Monday, other retailers did not.

Verto Analytics examines app and web visits on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Verto Analytics has looked at the data for Amazon, Macy’s and Best Buy, illustrating the high mobile traffic increase and the time spent on the app, compared to website use on Black Friday; while noting a fall on Cyber Monday for two of the retailers.

Best Buy saw a drop in app use on Cyber Monday

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The time spent on Amazon’s mobile app peaked on Cyber Monday, showing a three-times increase over the amount of time spent the week before; but Macy’s and Best Buy saw the opposite happen. App use came second for both retailers on the Monday. For Best Buy, mobile time spent was lower than it had been compared to recent weeks, as consumers opted for the website instead.

App use was double web use on Black Friday

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However, on Black Friday, all three stores saw visitors spend considerably more time than usual through its app. Macy’s mobile app had twice the amount of time spent on it than the website. Interestingly, the app has 300,000 registered users, while the website was visited by 3.5 million people on the day, reinforcing strong mobile engagement with loyal customers through the app.

The complete Verto Analytics analysis of Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be found here.