Marketers use personalisation to improve customer experiences

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. May 16, 2019

Personalisation has become an important strategy among marketers and grown in importance over the last few years, according to new findings from Evergage, a personalisation engine that has been tracking its growth over the last five years.

According to its 2019 Trends in Personalization report, 98% of marketers consider personalisation to be an important tool to drive customer relationships. Another 70% also find it to have a very strong impact.

Another three-quarters of marketers wish personalisation had a higher priority in their business.

The main reasons for marketers to deploy personalisation include the improved customer experience (88%), increased loyalty (59%) and to generate a measurable lift/ROI (50%).

90% of marketers who were already using personalisation noted a measurable lift, with 58% reporting a lift of more than 10%.

However, respondents also report issues with personalisation with just 18% admitting that they are very confident with their business’s personalisation strategy.

The majority (65%) consider their company’s current personalisation efforts with a grade “C”, whilst 45% said they didn’t have the data and insights to drive a better strategy. The latter represents a decrease from 55% in 2017.

Email is still the most personalised marketing channel (78%), followed by web (58%), in-person (42%) and online ads (35%).

Around 68% of marketers employ rule-based targeting for personalised experiences, while 51% use triggered messages and 40% use machine learning algorithms.